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Geschiedenis Schiedam


Welcome to Stadsvilla Mout, a beautiful hidden gem situated on the most beautiful canal in Schiedam. As storytellers, we love to inspire our guests with the rich history of our hotel. To find out more, simply continue reading.

Geschiedenis Schiedam


This ‘jewel of Schiedam’ was built in 1750 and still carries references to the aristocratic Van Pelt family who once lived here. The Van Pelts, like so many in Schiedam at that time, dealt in Dutch gin. Malted barley, or ‘mout’ in Dutch, is the primary ingredient in Dutch gin, a drink that played an important part in the history of both Schiedam and this building. Dutch gin makers operated throughout Schiedam, and clusters of distilleries formed in several locations, such as here on the west side of the harbour. No fewer than 16 distilleries were established here in 1749.


In 1894, our building became the property of the Roman Catholic Workmen's Federation. In 1905, it was converted into a theatre, De Arcade, where performances and celebrations were held into the 1990s. Much of Schiedam's youth have been to concerts and danced in the Arcade, and many famous artists have performed here. You may have heard of Fleetwood Mac, or Earth & Fire? They have performed here on stage!

In 1993, the building was demolished to make way for a new apartment building along the Westvest. A remarkable fact is that the conversion revealed murals that were painted by Rotterdam artist Evers in 1906. The main lobby on the ground floor was used as a retail space for Jawa Sport. Many hockey sticks were tested here by sending balls flying down the long corridors of the building! The upper floors were converted into apartments. 

Geschiedenis Schiedam
Hotel Schiedam


Fine Hotels & Suites purchased the building in 2017 and started renovations in conjunction with Burghy, specialists in the restoration of historic buildings. The process was hardly smooth sailing. Mould and fungus had taken hold throughout the building, contractors sank through the neglected floors and, to make matters worse, rotted wood resulted in multiple leaks and even a fire. The restoration took three years, and Stadsvilla Mout opened its doors in the summer of 2018. The building is still bursting with history, due to the many original embellishments that were preserved during the renovations. The original doors, for example, can still be found in the building as a decoration.


Because of its rich history, Stadsvilla Mout offers surroundings that are equally inspiring for an intimate overnight stay or a business meeting. We offer a warm welcome to all of our guests, to make everybody feel right at home. Our service philosophy is rooted in a desire to cater for our guests’ every need during their stay.

Stadsvilla Mout is committed to sharing the rich history of Schiedam, so all rooms in the hotel are named after Schiedam craftspeople who have played an important role in Schiedam's past. Come see us soon and prepare to be inspired!

Hotel Schiedam

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